Finnish health care companies offer innovative solutions for Singapore health sector

Finnish health care companies offer innovative solutions for Singapore health sector


Finnish health care companies offer innovative solutions for Singapore health sector

With Team Finland co-operation the opportunities can be utilized more effectively and needs can be met. The long-term efforts done in Singapore are beginning to produce results.

-   Singapore wants to further improve healthcare quality and services and ensure sustainable health care in the future. Due to increased demand and scarcity of resources, the efficiency of the health services need to be improved. New Innovation and latest technology are needed to meet the demand for future healthcare, says Ilkka Räsänen from Finpro.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Health's budget has grown from one billion Singapore dollars to 11 billion in 20 years. Health care spending has grown to almost 40 percent of the budget. The healthcare challenges of the country can be divided into four parts: quality, costs, expectations and regulation.

- Helsinki wants to build diverse healthcare cooperation in Singapore with public and private hospitals, universities and businesses. In addition, the city aims to find effective distribution channels for new innovations and advanced care solutions, says Santtu Von Bruun, City of Helsinki, Head of Unit, Competitiveness and International Affairs.

Check out the Singapore SWITCH Week Offer

The City of Helsinki organizes several corporate events in Singapore during Singapore SWITCH week, starting September 18, 2017, in co-operation with Health Startup Association of Finland - HealthSPA. See the participating companies here.

Finproand Helsinki Business Hub are also involved in the events as a partners of City of Helsinki and together support Finnish companies in the Singapore market. Finpro, as well as other public actors, do this work together in different parts of the world, aiming to promote the business of Finnish companies.

The purpose of Singapore's activities is to bring Finnish experts to meet with local experts and start a dialogue and open up cooperation opportunities amongst decision-makers. During the week there are several health and wellness events and organized meetings for Finnish health and wellness companies. The health and well-being sector is also significantly visible on the 19 of September at Singapore SLUSH event. Read more:

The Upgraded Health is seminar, held on the 20 of September in Singapore and is hosted by the mayor of Helsinki. The seminar will cover the latest innovations in the health sector and discuss how different actors can work better together in order to improve the health of people whilst maintaining control over costs.

The aim of the event is to create and strengthen strong partnership for Finland and Singapore and especially a strategic partnership in health and well-being, and to find customers and potential partners for Finnish and Singaporean companies.

Welcome to meet the Finnish companies in Singapore!

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