Finnish Health Technology on its way to the Danish Health care Sector

Finnish Health Technology on its way to the Danish Health care Sector


Finnish Health Technology on its way to the Danish Health care Sector


Finland is ranked as the third best country in the world in health care technology and health technology is the country´s largest tech export product group. Finpro, Finland’s Export and Investment promotion Agency, organized an export promoting tour to Denmark with 8 top notch Finnish health tech companies, which had the opportunity to present their future-oriented health care technologies. Evondos and MariCare were among them.

In order to increase knowledge about the value of Finnish health tech solutions to healthcare providers Finpro arranged a three day fact-finding and promotion tour to Denmark on the 30th of August to 1st of September. Eight interesting companies were invited to participate and showcase their solutions based on the needs and wishes expressed by Danish municipalities delivering local health and elderly care

-The pitching seminar with Finpro and the chosen Finnish health tech companies was valuable. Employees from different parts of the municipal operations in health and care management (Sundhed- og Omsorgsforvaltningen), had a chance to get to know several health technologies at the same time. The municipal representatives engaged in dialogue with the Finnish companies on the functionality and running costs based on the Finnish companies´ experiences. The seminar gave a good insight into the different Finnish solutions, and we will now analyze some of them further, says Christina Louise Egebart, Project Manager of the Department for Welfare Innovation (Afdeling for Velfærdsteknologi) at Copenhagen Municipality. 

The Dialogue creates value for all parties

The Department for Welfare and Innovation at Copenhagen Municipality hosted the pitching-seminar, where Finnish companies presented and demonstrated their solutions. Presentations were followed by lively discussions with the health care leaders and employees from the municipality. A dialogue, which Lars Thorsgaard, Managing  Director for Evondos in Denmark, found very positive: 

- We got to pitch our solution directly to the Municipality of Copenhagen during the pitching event. We got to demo our product – medicinal dispenser robot to a group of utterly relevant health care professionals and had a great talk of the benefits our robot provides for the elderly, also in the area of dementia, says Lars Thorsgaard.

The Finnish group also visited the Welfare Technology Unit (Enheden for Velfærdsteknologi) in Gladsaxe Municipality as well as Center for Welfare Technology (Center for Velfærdsteknologi) in Aalborg Municipality. As the case was for the representatives of Copenhagen Municipality the participants were very happy to have the possibility to learn more about how the Finnish solutions can create value to health care operations, whereas the companies could enjoy feedback from the Danish participants.

-Feedback from the health care professionals in Denmark is essential for the Finnish companies, as they wish to design products so that they create the most value for the citizens and the health care professionals, says Terhi Rasmussen from Finpro. We had a very good cooperation with Susie A. Ruff from RUFF & CO. Business Innovation. Susie has contributed by coaching the Finnish companies as well as helped with opening the door to several municipalities and handled the practical arrangements regarding our program of visits.   

A part of the fact-finding trip was also a matchmaking arrangement sponsored by the Danish health tech cluster Welfaretech and a visit to the Danish leading digital nursing home called Fremtidens Plejehjem in Aalborg. 

Next step will be to introduce more of the leading Finnish health tech solutions at WHINN– Week of Health and INNovation – in Odense in October

The eight Finnish health tech companies, which participated in the fact-finding and promotion visit to Denmark:

• Evondos: Medicine robot, which secures right and timely intake of medicines
• MariCare: eLea sensorsystem, which makes home monitoring possible
• David Health Solutions: Cloud-based and data controlled platform, providing future training and rehabilitation
• Emfit: Monitoring and optimization of sleep
• Neurosonic: Low frequency vibration – solution to reduce pain, sleeplessness and stress. 
• Peilivision: Virtual Reality to rehabilitation of neurological patients
• Tukimet: World’s first ”Wheellator” which is a hybrid between a wheel chair and a rollator to increase mobility of patients
• Vivago: Smart safety and wellbeing solution

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