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Who we are

Finnish Lean Solutions Staff Allocation Tool (SAT) mission is to utilize the hospitals data to make healthcare more efficient and affordable. Most hospital ward, allocated according to the amount of beds which makes over and under resourcing very common. With 54.2% of operating expenses in hospitals represented by the workforce and current health information systems unable to provide the tools necessary for effective allocation of hospital staff; there is a need for a system that helps to make better decisions in the hospital.

Our solution

Our solution, SAT (Staff Allocation Tool), can provide transparent and real time information to managers, on how to allocate the correct amount of staff to fulfill the care needs in wards without over or understaffing. SAT provides service for human resources allocation by utilizing existing data from Hospital Information Systems. It can be easily integrated to organization processes and it give real time statistics to support managers on their daily staff utilization planning.


SAT has been proven over multiple years to reduce personnel cost up to 20% when being used in a hospital with over 200 nurses. The pilot - contract phase is currently running in 35% of Finnish central hospitals and we have been contacted continuously during the year 2016 from other hospitals to provide SAT service to them.

What we are looking for

The plan for future development is to expand our SAT service to cover all major hospitals in Finland and to enter international markets within the next year or two. More detailed data analytics to provide more information to hospitals for less complications in care, cost saving for accurate staff allocation, and tracking of equipment inside of the hospital. We are looking for international hospital staff managers and hospital managers as contacts for presenting our SAT. We are also looking for international partners who can take our SAT-service into next level in international markets.

Team profiles

Antti Väänänen, CEO, worked in healthcare technology for 15 years and as a serial entrepreneur for the last 6 years. Partner and manager in 3 IT companies. Core competences: Healthcare technology, Innovations and creating successful businesses. Education: (Computer Science – computational intelligence), Engineer (Telecommunications).

Iiro Tenhunen, Tech Lead, Worked in Project management, web-based systems, mobile applications, user interface design. Education: (Computer Science – computational intelligence)

Elina Turunen, PhD student, worked in nursing management and healthcare staff allocation for over 5 years. Core competences: nursing science, healthcare processes. Education: (Nursing Science).

Contact information

Antti Väänänen



+358 44 28 515 25

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