Finnish mental health hub has gained media coverage in the UK

Finnish mental health hub has gained media coverage in the UK


Finnish mental health hub has gained a lot of media coverage in the UK

We have collected all the interesting articles written about the advanced and unique mental health hub in Finland here for your convenience!


Finnish mental healthcare has taken a big step towards digitalization with an online service called Mental Hub. A comprehensive array of mental health services can now be accessed from anywhere in the country through a single online portal. Please visit:


The Guardian newspaper visited and wrote about the HUS Mental Health Hub in the spring 2017. Read the article.

This Guardian healthcare network website has 470,000 unique visitors a month, from all levels of healthcare across the UK and around the world. The story was also included in the weekly email newsletter which has 35,000 subscribers. On the day, the piece was the most read on the website and was also shared over 2,000 times. The story is available on the UK and international versions of The Guardian website.


Mental Health Today Wales' conference guide. Read the article here.

The article about MHH was used as an example of international best practice in the Welsh conference guide. This event was attended by around 500 delegates, including practitioners, mental health leads, charities and academics. Speakers included the NHS, MIND Wales and the Mental Health Foundation.

National Health Executive.Read the article here.

The first piece written about the Mental Health Hub appeared both on the NHE website and in the magazine too. National Health Executive magazine is read by 9,500 senior management figures across the UK healthcare sector, including CEOs, medical directors, clinical leads and commissioners, in hospitals, the NHS and government departments.


An article for the UK's Mental Health Today website, in cooperation with Grigori Joffe. Read the article here
MHT is the UK’s primary publication about mental healthcare aimed at professionals, including frontline care workers, clinicians and commissioners.

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