Who we are

Established in 1978, Finnsusp Ltd. from Finland is a privately owned manufacturer and full-service wholesale dealer (frames, sunglasses, machinery for opticians and ophthalmologists) in the optical business. Finnsusp develops and manufactures unique contact lens care solutions, eye care product and individual FreeForm lenses. In addition to own production, Finnsusp offers contract manufacturing and laboratory services. Finnsusp products are exported to the Middle East, North Africa, South America and Europe. In-house R&D and manufacturing take place in company's own factories in Finland. The company holds ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality management Certificates and CE Certificates for contact lens care solutions, eye care products and contact lenses.

Our solution

Finnsusp’s passion is to develop care products with unique eye-friendly innovations. Examples of this are a biological cleaning agent used in contact lens care solutions and dry eye spray with sea buckthorn oil. The biological cleaning agent is tissue compatible and biodegradable. According to studies, it is very effective, for instance, in lipid removal in very low concentration, compared with generally used surface-active agents such as poloxameres. According to clinical use and studies, it is very gentle to the eyes.

The new BioDrop MD Spray is the world’s first dry eye spray that uses sea buckthorn oil. According to studies, sea buckthorn oil decreases dry eye symptoms, supports the structure of tear fluid and moisturizes mucous membranes, for instance. It is rich in Omega fatty acids and vitamin E. 


The number of contact lens users and people suffering from dry eye symptoms is increasing globally and they benefit from our eye-friendly biological products and innovations. Partners benefit from unique, high-quality products with which they can win competitive edge on the market. Flexibility, customer-orientation and on-time deliveries are our assets. In order to support our partners’ own brands to the maximum, our unique products are available as private label products too.

What we are looking for

We are looking for distributors of optical & eye care products, optical chains, pharmacy chains, e-commerce businesses, health care and geriatric care service providers, health product retail chains.

Team profiles

The core operations of Finnsusp Ltd. consist of an in-house R&D team, a factory for care solutions and eye care products, a fully automated ophthalmic lens lab and a QA department. In-house marketing team can assist customers with private label design. The total number of employees is 40, all located in Finland.

Contact information

Markus Tenovuo

Sales Director


+358 44 739 1560


Pääskykalliontie 5, 21420, Lieto, Finland

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