FitWood flexes its muscles in home exercise

FitWood flexes its muscles in home exercise


There is little room for excuses to skip a workout if your training equipment is a stylish part of your home decor.

Despite all our good intentions fitness equipment often ends up gathering dust in a closet instead of improving our muscle definition. For Matias Kukkonen, CEO and founder of FitWood, the reason is simple: fitness products are often too unattractive to be kept out on display in our homes. And what is out of sight is out of mind.

“If the equipment would be in plain view [and ready to use] all the time, it would support a more active lifestyle,” Kukkonen says. “We started to question why design thinking has not been applied to fitness equipment, when it is part of everything else in our homes.”

FitWood’s solution? To combine trendy bodyweight training with sustainability, Scandinavian design and Nordic wood to create a new product category of ‘design home fitness equipment’.

The wood for FitWood’s products come from certified forests. All the materials are free from harmful chemicals and the focus is on making products that please the eye, are easy to use and can last a lifetime. While this puts a premium on the price, Kukkonen believes there are plenty of consumers that share these values.

A perfect example of FitWood’s design approach is its latest innovation, a coffee table that doubles as a training bench. It looks like a nice wooden table with a glass cover, but Kukkonen ensures you only need to move the glass away to use it for a whole-body workout complete with box jumps, steps up or bench presses. Parts of the table can even be used as weights.

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