Five for Friday: Healthtech devices & diagnostics

Five for Friday: Healthtech devices & diagnostics


Five for Friday: Healthtech devices & diagnostics

A throng of promising health tech entrepreneurs from all over Europe gathered at the Healthtech Invest Europe 2017 event on 15-16 March, organised by Finpro‘s Finland Health programme.

And so, this Friday, we have the pleasure of presenting five Finnish future creators from the subsector: medical devices & diagnostics.


With great demand comes a great solution. As half a billion people worldwide now have diabetes, Optomed can help detecting and preventing disease outbreaks at an early stage via its cost-effective screening method.


Artificial Intelligence is taking enormous steps forward in 2017. The company is a trailblazer in the clinical decision support scene, and while it is focusing on neurological disorders, its method is universal.

Nightingale health

This name changer is a game changer. The company previously known as Brainshake provides blood analysis service that takes 230 biomarkers from a single blood sample.


It’s not only your doctor who cares, but also this company, whose product, Kaiku, means ‘echo’ in Finnish.

Lakka tech

This nanotech startup manufactures thin film sensor modules, whose main markets are the fast-growing wearable personal fitness and medical devices.

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