FootBalance wants to make your step lighter

FootBalance wants to make your step lighter


FootBalance wants to make your step lighter

In today’s society, we seem more focused on wellbeing than ever. We customise our workstations so that they are ergonomically correct, and follow keenly the latest news about the health benefits of various diets. But are we paying enough attention to what provides the foundation for the entire body – our feet?

Finnish insoles manufacturer FootBalance would argue that the lowest parts of our bodies have been sadly neglected.

The company has set out to correct this by making personalised insoles custom-moulded to each user’s feet. At the firm’s partner retailers – there are dozens of outlets in Finland alone – customers can have their feet analysed with the use of a podoscope, and have matching insoles produced on the spot.

And there lies the catch: while it usually takes days or even weeks to make custom insoles, with FootBalance the whole process – from analysis to having the moulded insoles in your hands – takes less than 10 minutes.

This unique advantage has allowed FootBalance to bring its custom-made insoles to the mass market, giving it the inside track over competitors – and spurring it to become a global player in the market.

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