Functional Healthcare System

Finland is a model country of equal, efficient, top-quality healthcare. Each and every Finnish citizen and permanent resident has a personal identification number, which means their personal health and medical information – from the moment they are born to the moment of their death – is stored in comprehensive digital registers and databases covering the entire nation’s health data. Consequently, patients do not disappear from the Finnish system, and their healthcare data can always be traced.

Finnish public healthcare operates according to national care guidelines and practices, which ensures its homogeneity. The close collaboration between academic research and highly educated medical and healthcare professionals creates a foundation for evidence-based, multidisciplinary and increasingly individualized care.

Public healthcare covers the majority of the Finnish population, and national guidelines enable quick admission and diagnosis and seamless transfer to specialist care. Healthcare is nearly free of charge to patients, offering excellent value for money.

The functional Finnish healthcare system – combined with a highly educated population, which trusts professionals and is willing to participate in medical studies – yields excellent care results.

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Finland offers

  • Top-quality equal healthcare
  • 100 % health data coverage in electronic databases
  • Quick admission and seamless care
  • Multi-disciplinary, evidence-based care
  • Excellent healthcare results

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