Professional Air Decontamination for Hospitals

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Who we are

Genano Ltd is a Finnish manufacturer of air purification equipment, founded in 1999. We have high-tech expertise in air purification technology with the ability to clear indoor air of particulate matter of any size – down to nano-sized particles. Our air decontamination equipment is used in hospital critical care areas and isolation units, as well as in laboratories with extremely high requirements for air purity. Genano’s headquarters is located in Espoo, near Helsinki, with offices also in Sweden and Belgium. We are active in more than 20 countries around the world with international sales realized primarily by our dedicated local partners in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

our solution

We have developed a unique, patented air purification method, Genano Technology®, which (1) removes particles down to nanosize, (2) eliminates microbes such as viruses, bacteria and mould, and (3) removes gases and odours from the air. Genano is a rapid and cost-efficient way to build hospital isolation rooms for the prevention of transmission of infectious airborne agents (MERS, SARS, TB) or immunocompromised patient protection (oncology, hematology, transplantation, burns units etc.). Using Genano air decontamination units, existing rooms can be converted to isolation rooms and new isolation rooms can be built quickly and efficiently. Our solutions can function as the main system for air decontamination and ventilation, or can be used to complement existing systems.


Unlike competing fiber filter based air purifiers, Genano is able to remove particles down to nanosize, that is, 100 times smaller than HEPA devices. This makes Genano a powerful solution for laboratories and hospital areas with high demands for air purity. Genano also eliminates microbes, instead of just collecting them. The automated washing function takes care that purification efficiency is always held at a maximum level.

What we are looking for

We are looking for hospital and institutional clients with a need for ultrapure air in critical areas and the desire to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections by adding isolation rooms.

We are seeking distributors with a solid background in hospital equipment sales, a stable current business and a willingness to invest on new, innovative technology.

Contact information

Niklas Skogster

CEO, Genano Group of Companies


+358 400 167 332

Metsänneidonkuja 6, 02130 Espoo, Finland

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