who we are

Halton Group specializes in indoor climate and indoor environmental products, services and solutions. Halton's aim is to create comfortable and safe indoor environments that have energy-efficient and sustainable life cycle.


what we do

Halton solutions range from public and commercial buildings to healthcare and laboratories, commercial kitchen and restaurant applications. Halton is also one of the most recognized indoor climate solution providers for marine and offshore applications. Areas of expertise and product ranges cover air diffusion, airflow management, fire safety, kitchen ventilation, air purification and indoor environmental management.

Wherever air quality is critical, we take care of every breath you take.

Your partner in indoor air quality
Halton is your lifetime partner from the design of the systems, through construction process to annual maintenance. Our services cover your project from end to end, ensuring the best solution for all your needs.

Halton Vita Solutions are designed for
Maximum safety, reliability and comfort for professionals and patients. Easy and intuitive system use and monitoring with smart controls and interfaces and optimized energy efficiency with demand-based system operation.

For demanding spaces
Operating rooms, Laboratories, Patient environments, Isolation rooms and Hospital pharmacies

Halton Vita OR Space
Highest level of cleanliness

Designed for high-risk operations (ISO 5). Provides the required cleanliness level for the entire operating space. The required airflow is provided on the basis of the microbial load in the operating room.

Halton Vita segment

Halton Vita segment launch 2015 (webcast)

what we are looking for

Halton is looking for hospitals and laboratories worldwide who are looking for safe, energy efficient solutions for operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient rooms, hospital pharmacies and laboratories.

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