Health is the new wealth

Health is the new wealth

Digital Health

Changing the world with new innovative technology and smart apps, Finland is home to the most vibrant digital health hub in Europe. We have the highest number of digital health start-ups per capita in the world

and the health technology exports are increasing at double speed compared to the global growth rate in the field. With all that in mind, it is easy to agree that Finland has the best digital health plan in the world!


It´s time to think Big… Data

The era of big data creates endless possibilities for new kinds of customized services. Finnish companies are forerunners in collecting and analyzing data from various sources, thus making the most out of the value chain.

The knowledge accumulated in the ecosystem around Nokia is now being expanded into new companies in the Finnish IoT space. Embedded information systems for healthcare. There are several success stories, for example, in creating wireless data capture to hospitals or emergency.

ICT Finland: A talent scout’s dream destination!

Ranking consistently in TOP3 in innovation and competitiveness, Finland has a booming start-up scene in areas such as gaming, wellness and health, mobile and Internet of Things. As we also have an unparalleled amount of globally experienced, world-class technology talent available, you can certainly say that Finland’s got some serious talent!

Due to structural change in the ICT sector in Finland, there is now unique opportunity to engage top talents for creating e.g. consumer and B2B devices and services needing wireless connectivity, imaging, algorithms, embedded software, connectivity and automation. Large international companies are setting their R&D, acceleration and investment activities in Finland. Companies such as GE Healthcare  have recently opened or expanded their operations in Finland. The Finnish ecosystem and government strongly supports this development. 

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