who we are

Healthfactory specializes in coaching software — its core product is SYKE Tribe. SYKE is a remote coaching and training web service and a mobile application, created to meet the specific challenges in the field, most importantly to give control over every changing step in the training process. The service is suitable for most types of remote coaching (health sector, mental coaching, physiotherapy, personal training, e-sports, b2b training etc.)

our solution

Healthfactory specializes in software services for remote coaching and training.

We offer both software development and consulting in a digitizing world where management, tracking and coaching software should extend or replace traditional services.

We specialize in sports, health and wellness, among others. We monitor and report customer's change process, automate and streamline by creating easy-to-use mobile apps and online services.



1. Save your time significantly (backed by customer reports)
2. GDPR regulations
3. Control over every changing step in the training process
4. Monitoring and reporting
5. Cost-effectiveness
6. Maintain and support customer motivation 24/7
7. Mobile app
8. Comprehensive
9 . Versatile tools
10. Adapted to the training company's needs
11. Two-way
12. Educational
13. Hold things in one place


- Care professionals and coaches in the team (training and work experience)
- 6 years of continuous research
- Experience and experimentation
- Real clients (not just an idea)
- Expert knowledge


- Two senior software developers
- Additional workforce available as needed
- Background in healthcare projects
- Research and follow-up in the field
- Extensive working experience
- Consultancy networks


- Vast corporate networks
- Exit expertise
- Tens of years of experience
- Financial Management
- Sales expertise
- Software and systems


- Combining millennial and veteran mindsets
- Courage
- Many creative heads
- The desire to create something new
- Sincere desire to help
- Passion

what we are looking for

We are looking for partners.

Contact information

Miika Karmitsa



+358 40 5138023


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