who we are

HealthOperator is an innovative health and wellbeing service provider. We believe that within 20 years the majority of healthcare will be delivered at the home: our homes will monitor us and help us track our health and safety. The current operating model of healthcare provision is highly fragmented which causes challenges for companies rolling out new technologies or services. We believe that in ten years’ time, one-third of the population in developed countries will be using preventative remote health monitoring services. A new set of service operators will arise to meet this challenge and HealthOperator aims to be a forerunner in making service provision efficient and effective. Through our collaborative business model we believe we can lead the transformation towards personal, preventive, high-quality and cost-effective healthcare.

what we do

Digitalization, sensors, mobility, cloud-services, big data and predictive algorithms enable more efficient processes, new proactive health servic­es and new business models. We are commercializing advanced, sensor-based innova­tions supported by powerful algorithms for the service market. Our solutions enable proactive, preventive and personalized care to con­sumers, caregivers and health providers by bringing proven and well-designed remote health monitoring services to selected markets.

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what we are looking for

We are currently seeking a lead investor who shares our vision for the future.

team profiles

Riitta Tiuraniemi, Founder – COB, Partner
M.Sc. (tech), Operator business,
Experienced Business Leader, number of CEO positions

Ulla Koivula – CMO, Partner
M.Sc. (Econ)
Number of commercial launches in
Operator and TV-business in Finland and abroad

Terhi Pellinen – CFO, Partner
Ph.D.,Eur.Ing., Professor
International Business,

Soili Haapala – CTO, Partner
M.Sc. (tech), M.Sc. (Sport sciences),
ICT & Telco Architecture and Operations,
Biomechanics and physiology

Jani Tikkanen – Partner    
MD, Ph.D
Patents in cardiology
Currently Specializing in
Cardiology and Internal medicine


Contact information

HealthOperator Ltd

Kuortaneenkatu 2, 01510 Helsinki, FINLAND

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