How to find information?

How to find information?

How to find information?


Under this menu you can choose a topic according to your interest. Whether you are searching information about Finland as a potential country of investment (Why Finland) or you would like to read the latest articles & news; this is the place for you!

If you are interested in a particular healthcare theme, such as biobanks or digital health; you can browse through the interesting articles and companies related to your selection.
For your convenience we provide a selection of tags. You can choose the content by selected tags. For example: "apps" & "elderly care". You are able to select multiple tags per search.

Under companies section you have a comprehensive search tool to narrow your selection according to your interest.

Search all the portal content by selected keyword. For example "genetics". 

You can find all the latest news and events on the front page:

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The very unique strength of Finland is the joint-work between industry, government and academia. Finland has internationally high standards of medical research and world-class companies in the health technology. There is a vibrant scene of Finnish startup companies, and the innovative environment and high level investment in research and development attract also international investors.

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