who we are

Huoleti is a solution for ill or worried to connect with the community and to get help and support they need in a challenging life situation. The roots of the service are in real cancer patients’ stories about what would make the daily life of a patient easier. Today Huoleti is scaled to cover any illness or other challenge of everyday life.

Huoleti was established in January 2017 by two passionate service design, digitalization, and service deployment professionals. Since then the team has grown from two to six consisting of sales, marketing, customer relations, quality and healthcare specialists.

Seeing the potential of healthcare digitalization and the passion to change the world are strong drivers for the team.

our solution

After being diagnosed with a severe illness or facing other kind of a challenge people may feel afraid, helpless and alone. Huoleti mobile app is a platform for patients or worried, to build peer support networks and to invite their loved ones to help them in everyday basis.

Friends and family get an easy tool to offer their help. They can also build their own peer support circle of others whom are in a position of a caregiver. In addition Huoleti brings in volunteers to offer their help and support.

With Huoleti life can go on.


People with severe conditions are never left alone. With Huoleti they are able to stay connected to others.  Some conditions might compromise the ability to survive from daily chores, and the help from loved ones becomes very much needed. Friends and family get an easy tool to provide their help.

A trouble of a loved one causes discomfort also to friends and family. Huoleti enables friends and family to connect with other caregivers and share experiences.

For volunteers Huoleti is a flexible channel to find meaningful ways to foster the sense of community and to help those in need.

By introducing Huoleti App to their customers the service providers can offer more comprehensive care bringing forth savings as people return to their normal life sooner and the risk of hospital remission lessens.

what we are looking for

We are looking for partners in the USA to help us build the Huoleti ecosystem. We are looking for contacts to local patient organizations, volunteer organizations and universities, health insurance companies and health care providers.

We also appreciate other kinds of partnerships and any means of visibility to make the service widely known.

team profiles

Carita Savin
CEO, CTO and Co-founder
Trusted professional in Service Design, Enterprise Architectures and ICT. She is a passionate digitalist who uses her abitilies to create services designed for people.

Will Cardwell

Elina Isosaari
COO Healthcare

Annukka Nevalainen

Anna-Maria Vuorinen

Antero Hautamäki

Sanna Yliluoma

Contact information

Carita Savin

CEO, CTO and co-founder


+358 40 5621700


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