Huoleti accelerates towards U.S. and European markets At vertical accelerator growth track

Huoleti accelerates towards U.S. and European markets At vertical accelerator growth track



The community around a critical care patient affects his or her recovery and wellbeing today more than ever. Hospitals and pharma companies are determined to offer better service and care for their customers. Research shows that medicine is not the only treatment - community and social support drives between 70 and 80 % of the health and wellbeing of patients. Huoleti is a support service for patients and their friends and families. With Huoleti, life can go on despite a severe illness or challenging life situation.

Huoleti is focused on excellence and growth, leveraging the Growth Track at Finland’s leading health and wellness accelerator, operated by Vertical and Helsinki area Regional Council in the beginning of August. The purpose of the project is to boost promising startups to the next level. During the program, Huoleti will focus on building a sustainable model for service discovery and user engagement in Finland. At the same time, Huoleti is preparing for entry in the U.S. and European markets.

Huoleti’s go-getting attitude convinced Vertical

  • We are continuously monitoring for potential startups to be our partners. The Huoleti team has a really dynamic can-do-spirit that impressed us. They have an excellent team that makes things happen, their business idea is strong and the company has been growing rapidly during its first year, says Eero Toppinen, Venture Analyst, from Vertical.

Huoleti’s mentoring will be focused on service discovery and pricing analysis with different target groups, as well as messaging the benefits of the service to the customers and users. Developing the service discovery is the top priority, it is critical to understand how people with a severe illness or any psychosocial challenge find the service and its benefits in their life situations. It is also valuable to know which paths lead them to become users, and what motivates them to become regular users of the service.

Huoleti is sailing on Blue Oceans

Even though there are plenty of existing services that include health technology and communities, Toppinen sees a niche for Huoleti.

  • Competition is a sign that the industry is potentially profitable in the first place. The number of competitors is still small, which gives Huoleti versatile and scalable service a major advantage, Toppinen points out. The potential market for Huoleti is huge, since there is no existing service that combines information about illnesses from reliable sources, as well as the mutual help and support of communities within the same app.

  • When we are healthy, we don’t always understand how the world is changing for the ill, and how hard it is
    to ask for and offer help, reminds Carita Savin, CEO of Huoleti.’

Join us in continuing to create Huoleti’s success story

Huoleti Ltd has opened a digital crowdfunding campaign on the Invesdor platform.The funding round will help the company to expand its product development, accelerate sales in Finland and accelerate its growth in the U.S.

Huoleti is an early mover in the growing market for modern patient communities and care team support, which includes both the patient and their loved ones as end users. With the addition of offering safe and secure volunteering through the platform, Huoleti has all the potential to become the most inclusive and diverse service of targeted support for patients. It has the impact of truly improving lives and strengthening bonds within communities.

Huoleti Ltd. in a nutshell

  • Huoleti’s main customers are private sector healthcare providers, insurance companies and patient associations.

  • Huoleti is one step ahead in combining social apps and online health care:there are currently no other products that have all the features included.

  • The market for Huoleti is huge. Cancer patients and survivors, alone amount to tens of millions of attainable target users in Europe, and hundreds of millions globally.

  • Huoleti signed a contract with Roche in June 2017

  • First US pilot negotiations are ongoing with Cleveland Clinic, Jefferson University Hospital and Visiting Nurse Association.

Prizes and nominations

  • November 2016: Huoleti was one of the three winners of Kertomalla paranee innovation challenge.

  • February 2017: Huoleti got on board in the Vertical Accelerator along with 12 other companies, out of 270 applicants from 50 countries.

  • May 2017: Huoleti was one of the three winners of the OP Smart Health Innovation Challenge. The competition had 200 participants from several countries.

  • May 2017 Huoleti was nominated as the fourth most promising startup at the Digital Health Finland convention.

  • April 2018 Huoleti was chosen to pitch in Chicago in MedCity Invest conference.

More info:

Carita Savin
Huoleti Ltd. CEO
+ 358 40 5621700




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