HUS - Helsinki University Hospital

HUS - Helsinki University Hospital

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HUS/Helsinki University Hospital

Helsinki University Hospital is the leading teaching hospital in Finland. It is operated by Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS). Helsinki University Hospital and University of Helsinki Medical Faculty forms together Academic Medical Center Helsinki (AMCH). Those two organizations with Aalto University and City of Helsinki creates Health Capital Helsinki (HCH).

HUS is about double in size compared to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. We have about 2,3 million visits annually, 22 000 employees and revenues of 2.0 billion euros. We have used organization wide Electronic Medical Record for over 10 years, anaesthesia and intensive care information system over 15 years. Our lab system collects data of more than 20 million studies annually. We have one of the biggest PACS archive in the world. There are more than 3 million samples in our biobank. Due to the unique ID every Finn has, we can merge all data into one pool. Our strategy is to provide all our services by Virtual Hospital (Terveyskylä – currently only in Finnish).

There are several specialties – such as oncology, pediatric cardiac surgery and transplantations– where treatment outcome is among the best in the world at Helsinki University Hospital. We provide all specialized care services, also for foreign patients by HYKS. We are ranked among top 10 in Europe regarding academic medical research.

We have very active corporate co-operation in acid-testing, evaluation, challenging, simulation, user panels, pre-clinical and clinical trials, testbed services, usability-testing and development, and many other services. Our co-operation in R&D with GE anaesthesia monitoring (formerly Datex-Ohmeda) is an international success story. We have active co-operation with dozens of companies, and always willing to do it more.

For medtech, pharma and other companies’ access point to our services is via Health Capital Helsinki. Specialists there guide you to the right unit and right services. Our service portfolio by the parties of HCH cover specialized care, primary and dental care, medical research and education with design, engineering and business know-how.

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