HUS, the University of Helsinki and GE Healthcare deepen cooperation

HUS, the University of Helsinki and GE Healthcare deepen cooperation

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HUS, the University of Helsinki and GE Healthcare have signed a framework agreement that enables closer and broader cooperation. Research and development, analytics, and education will be areas of emphasis.

–  No-one can solve healthcare related problems by themselves, and all parties will benefit from developing patient-oriented solutions right from the start. The co-creation process is faster, results are evaluated continuously, and end results are better, says Aki Linden, the CEO of HUS.

On a practical level, the deepening cooperation will mean closer interaction between product developers, and clinical experts during the concept planning stages, usability estimates for new solutions, and developing algorithms together. Having broader insights and a better understanding of the end-users’ needs will result in improved results for healthcare professionals and patients.

– GE is a key strategic partner for HUS. We believe it is important that health tech companies conduct product development at HUS hospitals. Using Big Data in collaboration with technology suppliers will open up new opportunities to improve the quality of care and impact, says Lasse Lehtonen, HUS’s chief administrator.

– Through cooperation between GE and the University of Helsinki, the Academic Medical Center (AMCH) will be able to provide additional value to patients and move to the forefront of the health tech industry, says the Dean of the University of Helsinki Medical School, Risto Renkonen.

– We have a long relationship with both HUS and the University of Helsinki. Last year we began the Mobile Digital Health program that focuses on developing healthcare related technologies. It was placed in Helsinki due to the excellent testing environment the city provides, says Matti E. Lehtonen, the Chairman of the board of Healthcare Oy.

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