Who we are

HYKSin produces Helsinki University Hospital’s high-quality and safe medical services for international patients.  Our focus is in services within the most demanding medical care.

We offer top medical expertise with fixed prices covering various medical specialties.

Helsinki University Hospital ranks among the best and biggest hospitals in Europe. The internationally excellent treatment results are an outcome of active medical research and its efficient adoption in treatment as well as highly specialized and experienced medical experts. The large scale of our operations enables accumulation of medical excellence. Consisting of 22 hospitals and specialized clinics the hospital treats more than 0,5 million patients, performs 100 000 surgical procedures and gives birth to 20 000 babies yearly.

Our solution

Treatments offered at HYKSin:
•Cancer treatment: cancer surgery and oncology
•Childbirth services
•Ear, nose and throat diseases
•Gastrointestinal diseases: gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery
•Heart diseases: cardiology and cardiac surgery
•Neurosurgery: brain surgery and spinal cord surgery
•Pediatric surgery: eg. pediatric heart surgery
•Plastic surgery: cleft lip and palate, surgery of deformities
•Thorax surgery: pulmonary and esophageal surgery
•Urology: prostate or kidney tumors, benign prostatic hyperplasia
•Vascular surgery: diseases of arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels

Contact information

Helsinki University Hospital


+358 10 328 1900


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