Hyvinvointi Hackathon

Hyvinvointi Hackathon

Hyvinvointi Hackathon

The biggest welfare hackathon in Finland will be organized October 21st – 22nd  2016 @Airo in Helsinki.

We want to use the newest technology to create new welfare services and more wellbeing for people. Robotics, automation and digitalization give us new opportunities to create a better future for all of us.

We invite all people and organizations who are interested in welfare, to participate to the welfare hackathon. Companies and other organizations, coders, service developers, sponsors, experts and users of the welfare services, let’s work together to create new solutions!

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For more information, please contact info(a)hyvinvointihack.fi.

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Oct 21–22, 2016

Helsinki, Finland

Airo Island, Viikintie 1, 00560 Helsinki

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