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Who we are

Injeq is a pre-revenue medical device company. We are world leaders in developing tissue-identifying sharps based on our proprietary technology.

Our solution

Injeq products consist of needles that are able to measure the tissue type at the tip of the needle in real time and related tissue analyzer devices. For the time being we have a dual focus in clinical applications:
1. Tissue identifying spinal needles – Pediatric lumbar punctures as initial target segment.
2. Tissue identifying core needle biopsy system - Liver tumor biopsies as initial target segment.


Smart needle products provide real-time tissue information from the tip of the instrument. The measured data and tissue analysis contribute to more accurate guidance of the sharps. Increased accuracy should help to minimize trauma and risks related to procedures.

Specific benefits of spinal IQ-Needle: may reduce trauma caused by the puncture, makes puncture smoother, minimized needle movement contributes CSF sample quality

Benefits of IQ-Biopsy needle: addresses “false-negative” samples caused by 2D-3D imaging challenges.

What we are looking for

Injeq has developed a breakthrough product design and started validating it in clinical use. The next step is to get the product in the hands of paying customers, which will require new partners, financing and enhancing organization towards sales orientation.

International clinical trials are also on our roadmap so collaboration opportunities are many.

Contact information

Injeq Oy (Ltd.)


Hermiankatu 22, 33720 Tampere, Finland

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