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More comfort. Less Infections. Antimicrobial design for public spaces.

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who we are

Isku is a Finnish family company that provides interior design and furniture solutions for public premises. We design, implement and market comprehensive interior design solutions that are functional and comfortable and meet the customer's needs for all public premises.

The furniture is designed by Finnish designers and manufactured in Isku’s own factory in Lahti, Finland.

Our solution

Isku is one of the leading designers of work and office facilities, learning environments and care and special accommodation facilities in Finland. Isku Health collection provides antimicrobial furniture that are designed to meet the need of the healthcare sector and any other sensitive environment.


Isku Health products are a new solution for more efficient prevention of the growth and spreading of bacteria. Based on the latest research and development work, Isku Health introduces antimicrobial solutions to increase the purity of the environment where bacteria abound. We often come into contact with surfaces and furniture in places like hospitals, schools, day care centers and care facilities, where bacteria can easily spread. With Isku Health products, tried and tested materials and solutions can be used to build and furnish pure safety and increase well-being in such environments. With these antimicrobial solutions we are able to cut down the spread of hospital bacteria up to 60%.

What we are looking for

Media representatives that are interested to learn what kind of options there are to cover the antibiotic resistance caused problems, like super bacteria. Also the healthcare sector’s thought leaders, decision makers and political decision makers.

Team profiles

Isku has over 750 employees, and it has a unique combination of professionals of researchers, product developers, designers, interior designers, and manufacturing know-how, and almost 100 years’ experience in furniture manufacturing and interior designing in b2b but also in consumer business.

Contact information

Anne Laitinen

Product Marketing Manager, Isku Health


+358 50 436 7050

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