who we are

Kaivogen is a company specialized in manufacturing different bits and pieces need in immunoassays. like coated microplates and labeled antibodies. We also can manufacture whole immunoassay kits as OEM.

We have streptavidin and anti-species microplates available off-the-shelf, in addition to buffers needed for time-resolved fluorometry based immunoassays. In addition, we have custom services, which will fulfill your needs related with custom microplate coatings or protein labellings.

We are developing a new label technology based on up-converting nanoparticles (UCNPs). Please contact us in case you have a need for improved sensitivity with your assay!

our solution

We operate with three different coating lines to enable batch sizes from 100 to 3000 microplates in our validated facilities. We can use antibodies or antigens supplied by the customer or utilize our good network among antibody manufacturers to fulfill your needs.

Our custom labeling service can conjugate proteins with lanthanide chelates, different particles, HRP, traditional fluorophores, biotin etc according to your needs.

Our UNCPs are readily available and we have team for performing the first round of technology evaluation as a service.

We can also perform different tasks related to our-sourced R&D work.


Our plate coating department will help you in up-scaling production following ISO 13485 guidelines. Our R&D services will help you in assay development when you need with extra-hands or problem solving power. Our UCNP particles will take your assay to the next level!

what we are looking for

We are looking for diagnostics companies, start-ups,university groups in need of additional hands in manufacturing of immunoassay components or whole assay kits. Also out R&D service is ready to assist you in assay development needs.

team profiles

We are 22 persons forming all functions needed in operating a diagnostics company under ISO 13485. We have six Ph.D's, all having theses related to immunoassay or detection technology development.

Our board and scientific advisory board consist of several Professors from University of Turku, Department of Biotechnology giving us a solid and strong background for all your assay development needs.

Contact information

Jarkko Karvinen

Business Development Manager


+358 405664852


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