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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is a proactive, genuinely international university with a strong regional and national profile. This international learning and development community consists of approximately 2 000 students and 240 experts.

The school of Health offers a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Nursing, and a Master’s degree program in Health Care Management and Development. KAMK’s Nursing and Healthcare competence covers the skills required in meeting the health challenges of present society and working in a digitalized environment. The School of Health’s special field of expertise in teaching and R&D activities is health promotion and development of smart home care processes. Through multi-disciplinary collaboration with other schools within KAMK, the school of Health is involved in the development of the following themes:

Gamification of health care solutions

KAMK has developed several health game prototypes as a result of cooperation between Game Studies and Nursing programs: the Stroke Kinect rehabilitation game for stroke patients, a dance game for the elderly and “the Game of My Life” that supports the development of youth life management skills. The ‘Game of My Life‘ approach has a lot of potential to be further developed for use in new contexts and KAMK is open to collaboration offers.


KAMK’s School of Engineering is currently running a 1.5-million-euro robotics project, aiming to building up facilities for teaching and learning robotics, as well as to enhance the knowledge and skills in this field.

Green care

Green Care refers to professional activities bases upon the utilization of nature in order to promote human health and well-being. KAMK is part of a project that is being carried out across Finland with the aim of developing a work life oriented and multi-sector educational model for higher education in the field of Green Care. During the project, education and study materials are being planned, produced and tested. 

Nursing simulation and learning environments

Kajaani UAS has developed and built simulation environments, for a clinical care room and an elderly person’s home, where students can learn and use their skills in various nearly authentic situations.

The currently run three-year project, SIMPPELI, connects the potential of gaming and simulation environments for teaching in multiple areas, including nursing and healthcare. A game environment, designed as part of the project, increases the realism of simulated training situations and offers unique opportunities for dynamic, complex, and unanticipated medical situations to be practiced and managed.

Smart homecare

This is the newest strategic focus area and the School of Nursing is currently preparing a plan for digital competence development across the university, local college and regional companies. This also involves continuing collaboration with the regional development company as part of the DiHyTe (optimization of digitalization) project.

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