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Who we are

Karelia University of Applied Sciences offers education leading to a polytechnic degree for young and adult learners and takes actively part in regional development work and research and development activity. Down-to-earth cooperation extends from the region’s business life up to the active networks of international institutions of higher education and different organizations.

Internationality in its different forms is present in the everyday activities of Karelia UAS. The university of applied sciences offers a broad variety of possibilities for internationalization for students, teachers and other staff members.

As far as its impact on regional development is concerned, Karelia UAS is one of the best universities of applied sciences in Finland. We take actively part in the development of the province by carrying out different research and development operations. Approximately 4 000 students take courses at Karelia UAS yearly in its seven fields of education and 18 degree programmes.

Focus Areas

Areas of focus are strong areas selected by Karelia UAS with the goal of obtaining nationally and internationally recognised expertise and competence. These areas have been selected on the basis of the key development needs and strengths in the operating range of the UAS, as well as choices made with the key partners. In addition, the areas of focus at Karelia UAS are closely linked with the education, research, development and innovation (RDI) as well as service activities, and regional development at universities of applied sciences. The national and international partnerships and networks of Karelia UAS have an important role in implementing these priorities.

The areas of focus at Karelia UAS are:

•renewable energy
•competence in aging
•Russia competence
•precision engineering
•multimedia services
•wood construction

The RDI activities of Karelia UAS are carried out as part of teaching and service activities in cooperation with partners and within development networks. These activities make use of external, additional financing, particularly in the focus areas. One of the most significant objectives of the strategy period is that Karelia UAS maintains its strong position regarding RDI activities in the selected areas of focus.


Expertise in Social Services and Health Care
Karelia UAS offers professional continuing studies and master’s degree programs in the field of social services and health care:


Palliative Care (15 cr)
 Acute Nursing (30 cr)
 Diabetes Nursing and Rehabilitation (30 cr)
 Patient's Examination and Emergency Care (15 cr)
 Specific Skills for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Work (15 cr)
 Client-Centred Gerontological Nursing (3,5 cr)
 Dipra Councelling for Practise (15 cr)
 Social Services and Health Care in Finland (3 cr)
 Simulation Training


Competence Management (30 cr)
 Leadership and Development in Social Services and Health Care (5 cr)
 Competence in Ageing and Management (5 cr)
 International Activities in Social Services and Health Care (5 cr)
 e-Services in Social Welfare and Health Care (15 cr)
 Future Perspectives on Local Social and Health Care Services (1 cr)
 Implementation of Knowledge Management (5 cr)
 Employee's Motivation (1 cr)
 Simulation Training


Civil Society and Participation (2 cr)
Empowering Children in Child Welfare Work (5 cr)


Multidiciplinary Rehabilitation (15 cr)
 Neurological Physiotherapy (3 cr)
 Taping (2 cr)
 Ergonomics and Usability (3 cr)
 Accessibility and Assistive Technology (3 cr)
 Simulation Training


Active Aging (90 cr)
Development and Management of Health Care and Social Services (90 cr)

Expertise in Accessibility and Independent Living
Karelia UAS offers development, testing, research, educational and planning services related to accessibility and independent living. The services are provided in co-operation with regional, national and international partnerships and networks. Our objective is to produce high-quality services for the well-being sector. Whether there is a need to improve accessibility at home, at work, in private or public service environments or tourist attractions, we will find the best solution for each environment. We offer analysis, educational lectures and expert presentations as well as project services related to accessibility and independent living. Project services include planning and implementing accessibility solutions according to customer needs in various built environments indoors and outdoors. We operate both in existing environments and in environments under construction.

Expertise in Quality Management
The Karelia Quality Program is an educational programme aiming at developing the quality management of educational institutions.

Expertise in Pedagogy
Karelia PedaCamp program provides educational institutions with a great opportunity and high-level expertise to improve and develop their pedagogical know-how, methods and tools both in theory and practice.

Expertise in Bioeconomy
Karelia UAS offers in-service training and services in the following areas: sustainable forestry, sustainable regional management of renewable energy sector and procurement of heating solutions.

Expertise in Entrepreneurship
The InnoBootCamp concept of Karelia UAS provides students with the capability to learn and enforce new product development methods and use these skills for producing innovative business or service entities.

Expertise in Game Development Education
Karelia expertise solution in game development education applies Scandinavian pedagogical expertise, approaches, solutions and best practices both in game development education and in entrepreneurship in the context of the target country.


Adress: Tikkarinne 9, 80200 Joensuu, Finland
Phone: +358 13 260600


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