who we are

Kasve Ltd. is a modern, agile and broad-minded company offering multi-dimensional healthcare business development services. Kasve Ltd. helps companies in the health and well-being industry, especially in the healthcare technology sector and pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry to grow and succeed on local and international markets. Kasve Ltd. offers experts and professional expert services for projects related to business development, quality management, product development, contract manufacturing, B2B marketing and project funding. Purely expert recourses at your service!

Our solution

We are a link between the healthcare sector that provides flexible services in research&development, quality assurance and business development. We manage projects in the fields of pharma, medical devices, cosmetics and nutrition. Just to mention few.


Kasve helps its clients to expand their business or start their international operations without being bound to permanent staff, while having access to an experienced expert exactly for the required period of time. Both small Finnish clients and large international clients benefit from the light cost structure, smaller risks as well as expertise in European and Asian legislation and industry, combined with  market-driven thinking and expertise on the distribution  channels.

what we are looking for

Kasve is a small giant, constantly looking for new business partners. With our exceptional level of experience, we aim to make Finnish products more efficient, more international and just plain better.

team profiles

CEO, Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Elias is a Molecular biologist with a strong background in pre-clinical contract research and development organizations. He knows the bugs.

Elias has wide CRO and CDMO networks and knows how they operate, so you can rest assured that you get the best partners for you development project and that the project meets it’s goals in time. He keeps all the blocks in his hands to ensure that the outcome is both cost-efficient and of high quality.

On a spare time, Elias goes in for hiking, hunting, playing ice hockey or just relaxing at home reading and listening to good music, which is, of course, rock’n’roll.

Senior Advisor, Quality Artist

Hanna is Kasve’s founder equipped with good project management skills and bad sense of humour.

Hanna is professional in Quality Management and Quality assurance systems and is at best when managing challenging development projects, either in R&D or QA. Hanna has experience in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetic products and their corresponding legislation.

Hanna’s personal life quality management system consists of balance between work, family and sports.

COB, Senior Business Development Advisor

Riitta is biochemist by background and has made long and extensive career of pharma industry.

Riitta has expressive track record in international pharma business. Riitta has built her preeminent worldwide connections when working in several positions in pharmaceutical industry. Riitta is very result-oriented and she does her utmost in order to build business that matters.

Riitta's trade mark is cheerful laugh and sharp thinking. Riitta keeps her body moving in gym and by walking with her dog and her brains in shape by practicing to play piano.

COO, Director of Business Development

Miia is an exeptional social scientist and skincare professional who actually has a sense of what's going on. With a practical attitude and exellent sense of humor Miia is trying to figure out the true essence of what is Kasve.

With a wide range of different dares in her pocket Miia is devoted in keeping it simple and making it as easy as possible for everyone at Kasve team. She makes things happen.

On her sparetime she goes to the gym, travels with her family and tries to figure out what makes the world go around.

Director, Quality Affairs

Nina has an academic and CRO background on neurosciences. With a biochemistry and molecular biology training together with pre-clinical drug discovery experience,  she brings new spice to Kasve’s quality assurance team. Handling complex projects  and multitasking are her middle name. As an average club golfer she knows that the  recipe for excellent results is a carefully executed short game.

Nina’s spare time is devoted to her family and chauffeuring the kids to hobbies, but  when possible, she sneaks out to go golfing or gym or just long walks accompanied with good music.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Jani has gained his software engineering expertise in world’s leading medical and mobile device companies in R&D, project management and quality control. He has international experience and is also accustomed working in multicultural environment.

Seamless dialogue between product development and quality management in healthcare and medical device business is especially close to Jani’s heart.

Jani is a certified Scrum Master and is accustomed to work in Agile development environment.

Jani’s personal life is filled with various recreational family life related activities, including children’s hobbies, friends, CrossFit and mountain biking.

Digital Health Manager

Timo is the master of digitalization, the software developer and the expert in pharmacy, health sciences and exercise medicine. His strengths include fast prototyping and health/lifestyle guidance implementation to health care. Timo is also a start up entrepreneur with excellent network. If you need fast digital bootstrapping, just ask.

Timo develops nights, days and special allocations, enjoying the most when creating and innovating something new. Life isn't just for work, however, but also some family time and lots of gym.

Project Manager

Anna has an academic background on natural sciences and broad ranged knowledge in innovation and developmet operations and projects in cleantech and health care sector but also in NGO’s.

Anna’s personal life is filled with familiy activities and she enjoys horse riding and boxing training in her free time.

Contact information

Elias Haapakorva



Tel: +358 40 183 1214


Suokatu 36 A 32, 70110 Kuopio, FINLAND

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