Who we are

Kavika designs and manufactures stainless steel products for demanding applications. Kavika has long cherished the enterprising attitude that dates back to 1945 when Kavika’s founders began manufacturing metal utensils for households.

Our solution

The customer’s needs always serve as the point of departure in the design of equipment and fixtures: what kind of space and purpose are they needed for? Kavika’s professionalism can be seen in the precision, durability and carefully considered details of the products. Kavika’s success in the constantly changing environment lies in rapidly responding to the changes in the market and to customers’ requirements.




Customer benefit from our long experience in supplying to the Finnish health care sector, which has high requirements in every aspect: hygiene, durability, ergonomics and usability. We are a reliable supplier, who knows the special demands of the health care sector, maintains high quality, and is capable of planning and designing according to customers' needs.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners and resellers who need a proven and reliable supplier for stainless steel fixed furniture for hospitals, laboratories, autopsy rooms, etc.

Team profiles

We have a long experience in design and planning of stainless steel products for hospitals and laboratories etc. We have a team of 5 engineering designers, an electric design engineer, and the team leader (Anssi Hakarinne) has 20 years of experience in hospital interior planning. He worked earlier in a Finnish consulting company for hospital building and interior planning. Our export team consists of people who can communicate in English, Swedish, German or Russian, and we have lot of experience in exporting overseas. 

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