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Who we are

KIDE Systems is a visible light medical imaging software company that specializes in connecting modalities to the internet and thus enabling remote archiving, viewing and consulting. Our vision is to connect every imaging device to the reach of every doctor and patient. Our mission is to enable cost-efficient resourcing and to increase quality of care with better diagnostics by cloud based service.

Our solution

KIDE web based solutions work with all modern browsers and operating systems and are designed to match current and especially future requirements of clinical imaging.  Our solutions have been designed in cooperation with physicians and other healthcare professionals to offer excellent usability and performance. For example optical shops can provide remotely diagnosed eye studies when the workflow is automated by the KIDE solution.


Medical imaging studies are currently costly. Kide enables bringing medical imaging studies affordable and conveniently to the reach of every consumer. Our market-leading software facilitates the clinical imaging process – to be more effective and efficient for physicians and patients.


What we are looking for

We are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with companies in the healthcare market. We also welcome support to help accelerate our fast growth.

team profiles

Kide Clinical Systems was founded in 2015 by four medical imaging professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the imaging sector. Our personnel are specialized in sales and in the integration of imaging devices to hospital information systems.

Contact information

Anssi Ylimaula



+358 40 5125 679

Mäkelininkatu 43, 90100 Oulu, FINLAND

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