Who we are

Kineso is a spinoff company from TAMK R&D social robotics project, registered on June 13th 2014 as a software company. Our main product is a mobile application related to physiotherapy and wellness.

Our solution

3DFysio is a tool for physiotherapists and healthcare professionals who are tired of using slow and badly designed tools, which lack detailed visual information and a feedback channel to create patient home rehabilitation programs.

3DFysio is a simple and seamless mobile application designed with physiotherapists for physiotherapists and their patients. The app provides empowering tools for the professionals to increase patient engagement using better visual instructions with 3D animations and feedback interaction solutions.

Our solution will revolutionize physiotherapy, which has previously relied on desktop solution with printed instruction sheets, or videos, viewable from one direction only.


Our aim is to improve the way physiotherapist and rehabilitation healthcare professionals prescribe exercise programs to their patients. To further improve patient engagement and rehabilitation process.

3DFysio will benefit:
- Healthcare professionals from the field of rehabilitation, by providing better tool to provide home care rehabilitation program and follow up. 3DFysio Pro, is compatible with tablets, phablet and phones, enabling practitioners to be liberated from their desktops.
- Patients. Patients love 3DFysio Patient the free mobile app. Their program is always accessible, instantly and completely updated with responsive 3D animations. Through their secure login they can report their exercises completion and progress to keep themselves and their physician’s informed on their progress.

By providing better visualization through 3D animated avatars to the patient we aim at increasing patient engagement and lowering chances of reproducing the exercise wrongly. It should further speed up the recovery process. By providing the opportunity to give feedback, we allow the patient to be more active and responsible for their own rehabilitation process. which will also benefit to the Healthcare system.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners, who share the same passion in telerehabilitation; who would like to collaborate with us abroad.

For investors who are passionate about healthcare solution in the field of distance physical rehabilitation.

We are more than happy to collaborate and to pilot our product with several stakeholders.

Our app will soon be available in Finnish, English, and French!

Team profiles

We are a team of 6 young, devoted and talented entrepreneurs. Our team consists of a professional physiotherapist, a senior UX specialist, a professional designer, a senior testing specialist and two passionate software developers.

Contact information

Marion Boberg

Managing Director


+358 50 482 0899


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