Who we are

KivaQ specialises in work wellbeing.  We have created tools to help companies and organisations in both private and public sector to measure, analyse and improve  work wellbeing. KivaQ also offers tools to promote equality and diversity at workplace.

Our solution

Scientifically validated and easy-to-use web-based KivaQ Questionnaire has been used by thousands of employees in both private sector companies and public  organisations  and is available in 17 languages. The Questionnaire has 7 standard questions giving exclusively essential information and offers the possibility to add questions according to client´s needs. KivaQ is the only work wellbeing questionnaire with a response rate warranty of 60%.

KivaQ Development Workshop method assists working teams to prioritise and find their most essential concrete development areas by focusing on solutions instead of problems.


As a KivaQ partner Your company can make money easily without investing on licence fees or trainings. KivaQ Questionnaire is easy to sell and use, and most importantly, it helps the end-users to improve their work wellbeing, productivity and profitability.

Team profiles

The founder of KivaQ is the well-known specialist in occupational health, MD Ove Näsman, who has over 30 years of experience from practical occupational healthcare and different areas of work wellbeing.  KivaQ has gained national awards for its achievements.

KivaQ’s development manager Sabina Simola-Ström (MSc, developmental psychology) with a degree in leadership, has worked for several years as a manager in the research field. Her expertise lies in constructive empathetic communication, coworker development, and project management.

Contact information

Sabina Simola-Ström

Development Manager


+358 44 559 6947


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