Who we are

Korpinen is a pioneer company who provides barrier-free, functional bathrooms for hospitals, care homes and special needs housing. The bathrooms’ carefully planned and tested functional elements support the users' independent mobility and allow caregivers to work in ergonomic positions.

The ideal bathroom unit is composed of premium furnishings and equipment whose sitting is determined with care to ensure optimum usability. All details, from lighting and colouring to materials and design, promote users’ independence and reduce the assistants’ workload. The Gaius solutions facilitate an efficient and economic use of space.

Korpinen’s unique antimicrobial products as wash basins and support rails, prevents the spreading of infections via bathroom fixtures and fittings.

our solution

Korpinen provides the complete barrier-free bathroom solutions where every detail has been designed with the specific area of use in mind.

Through the conceptual approach, Korpinen provides design guidance for the whole bathroom and its surroundings (eg colour schemes, materials), to ensure human factors and ergonomics are taken into account to full extent. Korpinen’s extensive material bank offers large scale of objects and model rooms for planning.

Korpinen has the premium bathroom furnishings and a diverse selection of other aids for the barrier-free bathroom use.  All the detailed factors supporting usability have been taken into account in our product design.

Main product categories:

  • wash basins
  • support rails
  • handrails
  • shower seats
  • cabinets
  • lights and mirrors
  • other accessories


Korpinen bathrooms are based on research and careful testing, taking into consideration the needs of both users and care personnel. The bathroom solutions promote the independence of the elderly and disabled in bathroom and toilet facilities, and thus reduce the workload of assistants and care personnel.

As result the bathroom layout supports the mobility of the patient throughout the recovery process. This in turn leads into faster rehabilitation and reduced length of stay.

Well-thought-out, functional bathroom units are also cost-efficient. In wet rooms, each square meter saved reduces overall costs.

The benefits of Gaius concept can be seen throughout the life cycle. The extreme durability of the products allows extended time of use.

Enhanced safety with antimicrobial surfaces also leads to fewer infections, reducing overall cost of care. Environmental aspects are also taken into account in recyclable materials, and durable, easy to clean coating materials.

What we are looking for

Korpinen is looking for the potential partners and agents for European and other markets. We are also looking for potential clients for our concepts and products in healthcare segment.

Team profiles

Our company is located in Finland and in Sweden. In the other markets we operate with our partners.

See the contact information on our website.

Contact information

Leena Mäki



+358 400 245 384


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