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Who we are

Labmaster Ltd, based in Turku, Finland, is a privately owned company focusing on delivering innovative diagnostics tools for applications in routine clinical diagnostics and research. Labmaster develops and commercializes the next generation of versatile miniaturized detection tools based on its proprietary cathodic electrochemiluminescence-technology (LM-CECL). Labmaster owns the immaterial property rights for this technology and has the strategy to further protect its findings related to new applications.

Our solution

Labmaster is developing new technology for clinical, biochemical and chemical analysis based on cathodic electrochemiluminescence. This technology relates to the electrical excitation of label substance/substances by hot electrons. Reactions occur on silicon based electrodes coated with an insulating layer and utilize the resulting electrochemiluminescence (ECL) in analytical applications, especially in bioaffinity assays such as immunoassays and DNA-probe assays.


The main advantage of this technology is cost effectiveness achieved by replacing expensive optics with low priced sophisticated electronics. This technology is suitable for many kinds of laboratory instrumentation applications.

What we are looking for

We are interesting to collaborate with research groups and company teams with ideas of the novel biomarkers to be used for future point-of-care tests.

Contact information

Tony Wahlroos


+358 400 953 873

Fiskarsinkatu 11, 20750 Turku, Finland

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