who we are

Labrox is an instrument company, founded. 2011. We specialize in design, development and manufacturing of multimode plate reader platforms, detection systems, modules and components.

Our customers are OEM and Contract R&D partners. We also manufacture for sales and distribution. Our work is international, compliant and certified.

Through our collaborations Labrox readers and instrument solutions have spread to more than 20 countries and four continents.

Our solution

Our Multimode 6in1 methods high end plate reader competes equally with any major brand reader in terms of functionality and performance. Our advantages are that due to advanced design we deliver a smaller footprint, lighter, completely modular, more versatile, low maintenance instrument. Due to our modular “Lego-block” type approach and design our instrument features a wide variety of configuration options. Furthermore, thanks to our flat organisation we are quite price competitive. Naturally we are CE EN and EMS compatible and ISO, IVD, RoHS certified.


Labrox has capability to design and produce turnkey solutions according to most requests and specifications. Since 2011 this expertise has been to the great benefit of our users as well as OEM and Contract R&D partners. Ranging from single technology modules and plate readers to the highest quality multimode readers and systems. Our long history in detection system development guarantees that our partners will get solutions to the highest standards.

what we are looking for

1. OEM-partnering - Your brand- Labrox technology!
Since the start of the company in the spring of 2011 Labrox has been an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We immediately developed a strong reputation and relationship with our current OEM partners and this is a cornerstone business for us.

Naturally we would be happy to be your OEM partner.

2. Contract R&D-partnering
Labrox has years of experience in developing detection systems parts and modules. For our Contract R&D partners we have developed detection heads, system modules and complete instruments.

When needing a detection instrument, system or component development and manufacturing we are your experienced and easy to work with partner

3. Distributors of Labrox products
To distribute and sell Labrox plate-reader platforms in their region. A laboratory equipment provider with an own field salesforce would be ideal. Target markets would be Clinical Diagnostic, Academia, Pharma and research markets.

team profiles

Founders and staff at Labrox have accumulated a combined experience of over ten decades from companies like PerkinElmer, Waters, Nokia in developing world leading IVD and research instruments. Compact and versatile plate readers and detector components for academia, pharmaceutical industry and In Vitro Diagnostic use.

Contact Labrox personnel by phone:
Investment & partnering CEO, Ida Erling +358 50 372 3080
Sales BDD, Rasmus Hautala +358 40 152 0929
Technology CTO, Pauli Salmelainen +358 40 574 4900
Purchasing & Subcontracting Jukka Valtonen +358 40 839 7728
(@-mail  firstname.lastname(at)labrox.fi)


Labrox Oy (FIN): Launch of lateral flow reader prototype at Medica

Labrox Oy launched a lateral flow reader prototype based on strips an Upcon technology at Medica in November 2015. Labrox Oy, in partnership with Kaivogen Oy, two Finnish life science companies, introduced the Upcon™ Upconverting nanoparticle system featuring a new addition into the reader-family designed especially for lateral flow applications. The revolutionary technology enables lateral flow assays with ELISA sensitivity.
Click here for the Medica news release.

Labrox Oy (FIN): Awarded optical component patent

In January 15th 2016 Labrox receive its second patent on the company’s ground breaking dynamic filter storage carousel with positive filter ID tracking. The patent approval no.125682, ”Apparatus and Method for measuring of optical component” can identify filters by actually measuring the spectral properties of a unknown filter (Finland patent. EU submitted).
Click here for patent information.

Contact information

Labrox Oy


+358 50 3723 080

www.labrox.fi/ www.upcon.fi/

Vajosuonkatu 3B, 20360 Turku, FINLAND

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