who we are

Labsystems Diagnostics Ltd. is a Finnish in vitro diagnostics company. We have been a forerunner in innovative in vitro diagnostic research and development for more than 30 years and are now the second most important manufacturer of newborn screening tests worldwide. We are a pioneer in neonatal screening, having developed the first microplate fluorometric PKU test for newborn screening in 1990. More recently, we launched one of the world’s first fully automated systems for newborn screening in 2012.

Labsystems Diagnostics was formed through the merger of Ani Labsystems Ltd., Ani Biotech Ltd. and Orgenium Laboratories Ltd. when they were all acquired by the globally-operating, India-based Trivitron Healthcare Group. Today, we employ around 50 experienced professionals at our modern facilities close to the airport in the capital city region of Finland. Labsystems Diagnostics products are sold through an extensive global distributor network, supported by Trivitron sales units worldwide.

what we do

Labsystems Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets high quality diagnostic tests for clinical laboratories, doctors’ offices and home use. The company has developed a complete range of neonatal screening tests for both automatic as well as manual use, including a new, patented NeoMass AAAC tandem mass spectrometry kit for expanded newborn screening, allowing for analysis of 50 diseases from a single blood sample.

We have a long history of satisfied customers using laboratory EIA tests for various infectious diseases. Under the brand Biocard, we offer unique point-of-care (POC) tests, including test for Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM and Chlamydia pneumoniae IgM antibodies, as well as for celiac disease. Used outside laboratory facilities, our POC tests require only a fingertip blood sample and give results in a few minutes. For example, POC cardiac marker tests, especially tests for Troponin I, can give the user both valuable quick information and, as predictive markers, can also indicate risk for adverse cardiac events in the future. Recently, we have also launched duplex real-time PCR tests.

what we are looking for

Labsystems Diagnostics is committed to developing innovative yet affordable solutions for customers worldwide also through partnerships with other high technology companies and academies.

team profiles

Nikhil Bedekar, President

Sameer Saral, COO


Contact information

Labsystems Diagnostics Oy



Tiilitie 3, 01720 Vantaa, FINLAND

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