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Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social and Health Care

Lahti UAS is one of the top higher education institutions in Finland with over 5000 students and 400 full-time staff members. Lahti UAS has four faculties: Social and Health Care, Business and Hospitality Management, Technology and Institute of Design. Latest innovative pedagogical approaches, versatile learning environments as well as sound expertise of the academic and administrative personnel enhance our educational services.  Integrative pedagogy as a frame leads students’ way towards authentic learning environments.

Lahti UAS Global Activities offers tailor-made high quality training and consultation services in the field of well-being: nursing, rehabilitation and social work.

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Evidence based and client-centered nursing

Lahti UAS offers Bachelor of Nursing program both in Finnish and in English languages, both programs fulfill the European directives.
The nursing degree program offers student exchange placements with a fee, combining theoretical and clinical studies in an inspiring learning environment. The faculty is experienced, having an expertise to offer the trainings and consulting services also abroad. The main educational export areas are focused on the development of the nursing education and clinical health care processes as well as development of primary health care services. We are willing to offer intensive short courses or longer development processes to your organization – according to your needs.

We have done long lasting cooperation to Kazakhstan, developing the nursing education, and conducted capacity building programs for the local health care personnel, physicians and nurses. In addition, the further training has been offered in China for the nurses.

Work based learning in physiotherapy

Bachelor of Physiotherapy education provides work based studies. The program offers possibilities to exchange programs and is experienced in international co-operation.  Competences of students are built in research and development projects in co-operation with working life to ensure practical know-how and flexible competences of physiotherapy.

Master Programs

The master's degree program in Social and Health Care Development and Management focuses on giving the students professionals’ analytical, managerial and developmental skills with suitable theoretical introductions connected to developing of social and health care services.

Social and Health Care Digitization and Business Expertise master's degree program provides students with the competences to work in expert and development position in social and health care public field or as an entrepreneur.

Simulation Center SimuLti offers experiential learning experiences

Lahti UAS Simulation Center SimuLti offers simulation education and simulation education development services. Simulation education was launched in 2013 and significant effort in developing and integrating the simulation into the undergraduate education has been done. In the simulation center several kinds of simulation education from low-fidelity training to high-fidelity patient simulation and simulation using standardized patients is carried out.

Developing simulation education and simulation pedagogy

Lahti UAS simulation education experts have both theoretical and practical know-how on simulation and expertise on various simulation methods. We are interested in cooperation and new development and research projects. Earlier we have had development projects, inter alia, developing elderly home simulation learning environment, as well as the development of multi-disciplinary simulation. Currently, the topical line of development and research include a simulation and digitization.

Research and Development

The RDI activities of Lahti UAS are part of the national and regional research and innovation system, which operates in the context of international networks, an increasingly globalized competitive environment and active collaboration with partners and businesses. The activities follow a practice-based, development focused and applied approach leading to concrete results. RDI activities facilitate skills and knowledge transfer and emphasize an international dimension and value networks. The aim is to generate activities that are transparent, practice-based and beneficial to organizations by responding to future needs and promoting the region's growth, competitiveness, well-being and employment opportunities in the focus areas.

The framework for RDI activities is provided by the multidisciplinary focus areas specified in the new strategy of Lahti UAS: Design, Smart industry, Well-being and regenerative growth and Clean and dynamic environment.

Well-being and regenerative growth in Lahti UAS

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