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Laurea University of Applied Sciences - Your International University of Applied Sciences

The number of students is approximately 7700 and Laurea has 520 staff members. We have four fields of studies: Business, Nursing, Social Services and Hospitality Management. Business includes also IT and Security Management.

The strategic goal of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is to be an international developer of well-being and competitiveness in the metropolitan area in 2020.

At Laurea you will learn through research, reflection and development activities carried out together with teachers, other students and workplace actors. Laurea engages in close interaction with employers, and you will thus establish contacts with working life while still a student.

Strategic Research Areas of Laurea UAS

Laurea's fields of expertise in RDI activities focus on expertise in nursing work and coping at home, service business activities, security and social responsibility, as well as entrepreneurship and innovations. Features uniting all of the areas of strength include:

  • moving them toward service innovations and value networks
  • the LbD (Learning by Developing) operational model that combines learning that promotes the development of the world of employment with RDI activities
  • internationally recognized and successful RDI work.

Health Studies

Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing

As a nurse, your main interests will be promoting and maintaining good health as well as preventing and treating illnesses. Possessing theoretical knowledge, practical skills and good communication skills enables nurses to advise and support the individuals and their significant others among other things.

Having completed the Degree of Nursing at a University of Applied Sciences, you can apply the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) for the right to practice as a licensed health care professional. The curriculum is compliant with EU Directives and the completed degree is also recognized internationally.

The core competence modules in the degree program in Nursing are:
• Client-orientation and Evidence-based Nursing
• Safe and Ethical Promotion of Health and Welfare
• Decision Making in Clinical Nursing
• Development of Nursing and Impacting Society
• Service Operations
• Expert in Development and Workplace Innovation.

Master of Health Care

Global Development and Management in Health Care is a professional program for health care professionals interested in the development and management of health care within public health, health care industry institutions (hospitals), and in public, private and non-profit sectors, other than crisis management.

The program focuses on health care development and management from the perspectives of global health and humanity, health and infection prevention and health tourism.


Co-created Healthier Uusimaa

Laurea UAS coordinates the “Co-created Healthier Uusimaa” project, which implements Helsinki-Uusimaa region’s Smart specialization strategy’s Human Health Tech theme.  The project is funded by Helsinki-Uusimaa regional council (1.12.2015-30.9.2017).

The Co-created Healthier Uusimaa –project focuses on promoting innovative health tech services developed for active and independent health promotion and self-care supported by the professionals when needed.

The project will organize workshops for enterprises, public and the third sector organizations and citizens to strengthen the competences in user-centric design and co-creation methods.

The project brings together actors, forms networks, gives users a bigger role in development of solutions, and helps collect new ideas. 

The goals of the project are to build solutions which encourage people to take care of their own health and wellbeing, to start international RDI initiatives, and to create a panel of users in the region.

Anne Äyväri
Principal Lecturer, D.Sc. (Econ.), Project Manager
+358 40 7592643


USCO - Using Digital Co-Creation for Business Development

Laurea UAS is the coordinator in a research project funded by Tekes called USCO - Using Digital Co-Creation for Business Development. Project received about million euro funding from Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes). The project started in January 2016 and it will take three years.

The main research question of the project is how digital business development in both organizational and service development can be enhanced. Customer and employee involvement for business development using co-creation is researched and developed. The project aims at supporting new ways of working, which help companies to develop both international business operations and to improve the quality of working life.

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