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Who we are

We are a strategic one-stop product development partner, providing our customers with high-quality medical solutions.

Our solution

Do you have an idea for a new product, but you’re not sure how to technically implement it, or maybe you need resources for the implementation? Do you need to update an existing product, or do you require new properties, such as a wireless system? Do you need a supplier that can provide a new or updated component for your system? Would ready-made technology help you launch a product quickly enough?

We will help you with these and many other product development needs cost-efficiently and reliably. We will be your partner throughout the entire product development process. With our global manufacturing network, we can bring the product within your customers’ reach in any geographical market.


Our extensive experience in the product development of tailored and mass-produced equipment provides us with excellent innovative know-how in the design and manufacture of health technology applications. Together with our special knowledge of medical devices, we are well prepared to carry out various kinds of health technology applications.

In addition, we can put our broad experience in portable and wireless products to use in the design of personal healthcare equipment.

Contact information

Juhani Leppänen



+358 40 767 3026


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