who we are

Lojer Group is a Finnish manufacturer of hospital and healthcare equipment and the leading distributor of physiotherapy equipment and accessories in the Nordic countries. Lojer was founded in 1919 and its manufacturing facilities are located in Finland. The company employs some 150 people and is the largest Finnish employer in its sector. Its turnover totals approximately 25 million euros. Lojer’s products are used in more than 110 countries.

Our solution

The company manufactures, among other things, hospital beds, operating tables, examination and treatment tables. Lojer offers unique, innovative Finnish product expertise, according to the highest standards of quality. The company is a responsible partner across all its business areas (healthcare, senior care and medical wellness); customers can be sure that Lojer is a Trustworthy Partner, committed to precisely fulfilling all its social obligations.


THE LOJER GROUP improves the working environment for healthcare professionals and improves people’s wellbeing: the company provides its clients and their patients with the best possible environment for an easier life. Lojer’s high quality tools and associated services promote wellness at work for healthcare professionals, leaving them free to concentrate on offering the best possible care and service to their patients.

What we are looking for

Lojer is continuosly looking for international distributors. We are also actively looking for world-class suppliers for physiotherapy equipment for the Nordic market.

Team profiles

Lojer Group consists of Lojer Oy (Finland), Medema Physio Ab (Sweden), Fysiopartner As (Norway) and Lojer Medical LLC (Russia).

Contact information

Pekka Koski

Export director


+358 10 830 6720


P.O. Box 54, 38201 Sastamala, FINLAND

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