Who we are

Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute is a training institute, book publisher and R&D company specialized on teaching and developing problem-solving and mental health promotion methods and technological innovations based solution-focused psychology.

Our Solution

Our solutions include:

  • Kids'Skills - an innovation for helping children overcome psychological problems
  • Reteaming - for coaching individuals and teams to perform better
  • Collaboration - a training course for managers and staff focused on teaching participants solution-focused communication skills

In addition to offering training programs for professionals and developing therapeutic apps, we also publish books, educational video-material and solution focused tools for effective problem-solving.

Success story

During the 90’s we worked together with a kindergarten for special needs children to create a solution-focused method for helping children overcome problems and difficulties. The method is positive, children and parents like it, and on top of that it leaves plenty of room for creativity. Books or materials related to Kids’Skills have been translated to some 20 languages, training is available in many countries around the world and most recently an app has been completed that allows people around the globe to become learn to use this method for free. Kids’Skills can help children overcome problems without putting them on psychotropic medication but by inviting them to participate in a creative and collaborative problem solving process. It can be used by mental health professionals such as therapists, by first line workers such teachers but also by parents and grandparents. In April 2016 we gave a talk on the internet about Kids’Skills in China, on the WeChat platform attracting an audience of 450 000 people. The method is rapidly growing in popularity in China.


Kids’ Skills apps are tools that benefit parents, educators and everyone who cares for or is responsible for promoting children’s mental health. Our other products bring benefits and savings for companies and organizations through improving well-being of employees as well as managers.

what we are looking for

We are looking for partners interested in offering training in the use of methods developed at Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute or using and disseminating our innovative solution-focused apps and computer programs.

Team profiles

The company was founded in 1986 by psychiatrist Ben Furman social psychologist and Tapani Ahola. Our CEO is Maiju Ahola. We have three staff in the office and frequently employ external trainers.

Contact information

Ben Furman


+358 94 362 556

lti.fi/institute/ www.kidsskillsapp.com/ www.cooperationtraining.com/

Haapalahdenkatu 1, 00300 Helsinki, FINLAND

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