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Who we are

LymphaTouch Oy (Inc.) manufactures a rehabilitation device that reduces swelling. The device is known under a brand name LymphaTouch. The device can be used e.g. for pre- and post-operative swelling or for lymphedema treatment. Lymphedema is non-curable swelling that affects tens of millions of cancer survivors globally. LymphaTouch Oy (Inc.) has leading US hospitals as customers. These include MD Anderson Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, University of Michigan, and Cedars Sinai.

Our solution

Our LymphaTouch devices are based on negative pressure and high frequency vibration. Negative pressure lifts up the tissue, activates the lymphatic system and thereby efficiently reduces swelling and inflammation. The patented vibration mode further supports the treatment. The treatment with LymphaTouch is pain free and easy.
Our device has over 10 patents and it is already sold around the world. The device is US FDA Class I Exempt device and it has CE in Europe and TGA in Australia.
The LymphaTouch device is available for both professionals and for patients. Being very small, the device travels easily with the patient so that they can treat themselves both at home and on the road.


Our LymphaTouch device has been clinically proven to be 3x more efficient than current standard of care. The device moves fluid much more efficiently and patient quality of life and degree of disability have been shown to improve better than with traditional methods. As the device is small and compact and easy to use, it is well suited for self-therapy at home for lymphedema patients.

What we are looking for

We are currently looking for funding to increase our US market penetration. HLD is seeking 5,000,000€ investment.

Contact information

Kristo Kivilaakso


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