Who we are

Magister group offers business critical products and services for mobile, satellite and finance sectors. Services include simulators, testbeds, R&D services and software development and products. Own producst include infrastructure and field work management MDO and critical communication and alerting Secapp.

Our solution

Secapp is a secure communication and management platform for smart messaging, alerting and paging. Additional options for location tracking and geofencing enable more in-depth operational management. For maximal reach and robustness Secapp combines commercial and TETRA communication channels (including SMS, app, voice, email, SDS) under one easy-to-use tool

Hospitals and other healthcare service providers rely on Secapp to provide privacy, robustness and efficiency both for their daily operations and crisis management. To achieve this Secapp relies on network independent delivery, quick reply mechanisms, instant messaging and intelligent communication automation for exchanging information and generating situational awareness picture in a matter of seconds.


With Secapp you can:
- Improve usability, efficiency and reduce the amount of manual labour (e.g. calling people)
- Quarantee how you reach people (via multiple channels)
- Reduce costs when compared to traditional communication tools (mass SMS, calls)
- Reduce the amount of human errors in critical situations
- Improve security for lone workers and at critical wards, improve personnel safety with location information (where help is needed)
- Reduce the amount of cancelled reservations due to patient negletting or forgetting necessary instructions or forgetting the reservations

By centralizing different communication channels with Secapp, communication becomes a lot less vulnerable for commercial network breakdowns, natural catastrophes, terrorism or limitations set by different environments. Moreover, Secapp is a low threshold deployment solution that can be taken into use even on the same day without any additional devices.

What we are looking for

We are looking for public and private hospitals, healthcare service providers and distributors.

Contact information

Jani Lehtinen

Business Development Manager


+358 50 5822 385


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