who we are

Mariachi Oy is a privately owned Finnish technology company specializing in development and contract manufacturing of advanced devices or instruments for professional use. We focus on European customers with product portfolios comprising devices that range from hand-held to table-top units.

Mariachi has been in the contract manufacturing business since 1977 and has been working with some of the same customers ever since it’s early days. Our annual turnover is about M€6 and the number of personnel is nearly 50.

Mariachi has a quality system certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard, ISO 13485 Medical Standard and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard. We are a registered medical device manufacturing company in the U.S. (FDA) and in Japan (PAA).

Our solution

Mariachi Oy offers equipment manufacturers a wide range of services from product development to mass production, and helps manufacturers maintain a more competitive product portfolio. Professional-use equipment manufactured by the company are produced particularly for the health technology, industrial systems and telecommunication applications.

The company has extensive experience in integrated systems in industry, telecommunications and health technology. The Mariachi Kasvattamo® concept, aimed at the company’s start-up entrepreneurs and inventors, is based on this experience, and its goal is to help innovations reach the market quickly and successfully. The Kasvattamo services are intended for entrepreneurs whose product innovations show us significant potential for success. The objective is that with the Kasvattamo concept, new clients can be “grown” for the company and that Mariachi Oy can function as the manufacturer for their products that target the business-to-business market.


Our client companies may outsource both the development and the contract manufacturing services of their devices or instruments for Mariachi. By outsourcing they can concentrate on their core businesses.

what we are looking for

Mariachi is interested in long-term strategic customer relationships with companies creating and manufacturing devices or instruments. The relationship may start with transferring customer´s current production to Mariachi or by developing together a completely new product. In the case of an innovation but no company established around it, Mariachi can help with the Mariachi Kasvattamo® -start up program.

team profiles

Jukka Järvi-Laturi

Jukka Järvi-Laturi has been working as high-tech entrepreneur for more than 30 years. He is experienced as account manager, project leader, managing director and board member in companies doing business in electronics and embedded systems development and manufacturing. Mr. Järvi-Laturi is currently main shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Mariachi Oy.

Pasi Hatakka

Pasi Hatakka is a management and sales professional. He has more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge of leading product development, marketing and sales in business of electro medical devices. Currently he is co-owner and Managing Director of Finnish technology company Mariachi Oy. At “Mariachi Kasvattamo®”, the “Hatchery” for startups and product ideas, Pasi is involved in several startup projects as a sales and management advisor.

Contact information

Jukka Järvi-Laturi



+358 400 824549


Kaarinantie 700, 20540 Turku, Finland

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