Who we are

MariCare Oy is the first company to develop and implement Sensor Floor Systems for the Health Care and Security Industries, and today we have a track record of more than 2000 installation references. Our systems are developed with the mind-set, which shows discerning customers cannot miss out on investing in our systems.

Our solution

Elsi® Smart Floor is primarily an invisible nursing help-tool for fall-prevention and includes a range of fall detection, bed, toilet, toilet w. timer, dementia alerts, and burglar alarms, etc. It is a professional proactive care aid for Nursing Homes, Senior Homes, as well as Rehabilitation Centers and Hospitals. Furthermore, the system provides tools for tracking abnormal behavior patterns 24/7 caused, for example, by infections. These early alerts reduce hospitalization time and costs.

eLea™ Smart Detection is a wireless system specially developed for Private Home Care, Existing Nursing Homes, Senior Homes, and provides fall alerts, and specific bed, activity, burglar, smoke alarms, etc. Max/min time alert settings are established for abnormal periods of inactivity, toilet visits, etc. The system is built on a wireless platform, allowing it to be easily installed or removed, and provides that necessary safety and security needed for the elderly, who prefer to live longer in their own home environment.


Benefits are Service and Quality. Being proactive, Elsi Smart Floor Solution helps the nurses to be at the right place at the right time. Routine checks are reduced to save limited resources and improve the privacy of the residents. Quality of life is hugely improved having the constant assurance that help is always available when needed: 24/7, 365 days a year.

Elsi Floor Sensor can be likened to an assisting nurse working under the floor, providing the professional nurses with valuable nursing information, the instant ability of which has never before been seen available. All this is done unobtrusively and with the greatest respect for the residents.

What we are looking for

We are looking for public and private customers plus resellers.

Contact information

Minna Nurmisalo

Marketing Manager


+358 207 508 670


Virnatie 3, 01301 Vantaa, Finland

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