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Who we are

Medaffcon is a privately owned expert service provider in the health care sector. Our experts come with medical, pharmaceutical, bioscience, and health economics backgrouds with vast experience in pharma, medtech and healthcare industry positions.

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Medaffcon has created a unique platform that collects information about innovative Finnish efforts and technologies that advance the development of customized cancer care. The online portal gathers information about ongoing pilots, innovative technologies and new future possibilities to advance personalized treatment practices and customized patient care.

The current investments in Finnish healthcare in the promotion of the use of genome data, coordinated cancer care and biobank research, as well as the utilisation of digital health data, allow us to take cancer care to the next level.The web portal can be found at


Our solution

Medaffcon offers expert consulting services for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. We provide you with all Real World Evidence, Stakeholder Perception Mapping, Medical Affairs, Market Access and Healthcare Consulting services in Finland, Nordic countries and Europe.

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Top notch knowledge in the local health care environment and pharmaceutical market access supported with Real World Evidence (RWE) to enable your endeavours. The RWE is tailored to suit your business needs by uniquely combining medical science, health economics and vast national health care data on diseases and treatment patterns.

What we are looking for

We are looking for companies, health care providers and institutions that we can help to achieve their goals. We do this by refining available Real World Data on diseases, treatment patterns and various steakholders and turn it into a Real World Evidence to support decision making in every day business operations in all stages of a product's lifecycle.

Contact information

Jarmo Hahl

CEO, partner


+358 40 139 4001

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