who we are

We at Medanets specialize in designing mobile point-of-care solutions for clinicians. We can proudly state that we are pioneers in our field. Our roots are deep in strong wireless technology expertise, for which the Finnish city of Oulu is known and respected throughout the world.

Our success can be measured by the fact that Medanets mobile point-of-care solutions are now used in 16 out of 20 health care regions in Finland, and more than 2000 nurses uses our mobile filing solution. At the same time, we are growing operations in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Our team consists of people who have expertise both in medical technology and telecommunications. We understand the workflows and care processes typical for healthcare.

what we do

Our solutions are developing and transforming health care processes and procedures. We improve care quality, make data available in real time, minimize human error and facilitate the actual work. We are helping to save more lives.

Medanets for nurses allows caregivers a real-time access to the Electronic Health Records and to file all the patient measurements, details and medication with the help of a smartphone point-of-care basis. Our application for caregivers eliminates ineffective and unnecessary double entries along with their drawbacks completely.

Medanets for doctors is a comprehensive iOS application for doctors. The solution enables doctors to make dictations and browse journals, diagnoses and procedures, medications, physiological parameters, laboratory results and images through an iPhone or an iPad, regardless of the time and place.

We are not bringing the customer a discrete new system to run parallel with all the other systems; rather, we always integrate with the customer’s existing systems. In this way, we allow them to be used more easily, effectively and safely.


Customized Medanets solutions are a time-saver for clinicians, improving caregiving quality and patient safety. Dozens of projects over the past 10 years have shown that the benefits are real, thanks to which Medanets is the industry’s market leader in Finland.

Our applications can utilize the hospital’s WLAN or mobile phone network securely. Network coverage does not have to be perfect, since our applications have excellent performance also in dead spots or when the connection is interrupted.

Currently, our solutions for caregivers are integrated with all leading Electronic Health Records in Finland. Medanets has also implemented integrations to the most commonly used patient monitoring systems such as Philips, GE, Mindray and Siemens Dräger.

what we are looking for

We are constantly looking for potential partners as well as new customers. We always set the bar high and do not accept mediocracy. That is why we promise to conduct all our partnerships with reliability, faithfulness, fairness and ambition.

Contact information

Juha-Matti Ranta



Tel: +358 44 566 499


Kiilakiventie 1, 90250 Oulu, FINLAND

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