Antimicrobial Work and Patient Wear

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who we are

Established in 2008, Medanta Ltd. designs and manufactures workwear for companies that place extremely high demands on the garments worn by their employees. We specialize in workwear for the health care industry. Clothes for work should be functional and durable, and at Medanta we think they should also be stylish.

We approach the design of workwear from a new perspective. We have faith in Finnish design know-how and innovations, and the technical properties of our workwear are based on these principles.

what we do

Medanta’s mission is to design and produce the world’s finest medical apparel with antimicrobial properties. Our wrinkle-free innovations - Medanta Flex, Medanta Knit and Medanta Microfiber - are the workwear industry’s first elastic technical materials which are easy to care for and designed to endure repeated industrial washing at high temperatures.

The use of elastane allows our clothes to be able to be comfortable to wear as well as durable, with performance equal to that of sportswear textiles. Our multifunctional collections bring further savings as the same designs can serve multiple professional groups. All items in our workwear collections can be provided with microchips.

what we are looking for

Medanta is looking for business opportunities all over the world. We are especially interested in getting in touch with healthcare professionals who are concerned about the prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAI). We strongly believe that the use of antimicrobial textiles in the hospital environment is a key factor in reducing the incidence of. Scientific studies support our view and we actively promoting further studies on the use of antimicrobial textiles in hospital care.

Contact information

Susanne Stadius

Sales Director


+358 50 4081091

Hämeentie 155 C, 00560 Helsinki, FINLAND

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