Who we are

Medbase Ltd is a company, formed by medical doctors who are experts in pharmacotherapy.

Our solution

Medical decision support databases to healthcare professionals to safeguard effective and safe clinical use of drugs. Also, patient versions for selected databases are available. Details at:



Medbase contents, localised to different geographical areas, provide significant additional value to safe use of drugs directly to healthcare professionals via portals / mobile apps or automatic warning systems via integration to EHRs. Reliable information can also be offered directly to the public by patient oriented solutions.

What we are looking for

Local partners for various geographical areas e.g. Asia, Europe, and U.S. for localisation & delivery of Medbase databases.

Team profiles

Medbase databases are fully produced and maintained by medical doctors, who have wide scientific and clinical experience in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

Contact information

Kari Laine



+358 40 0548237


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