Medicines Information Network

Medicines Information Network


In 2012 Fimea published Finland’s first National Medicines Information Strategy. The strategy was drawn up in collaboration with interest groups.

The Strategy addressed the development of medicines information aimed at the general public on the one hand and health care professionals on the other. It described the state of providing information on medicines, including best practices, shortcomings and challenges.

A medicines information network was established in order to implement the strategy in practice.

The Network has five working groups (WGs): Coordination Group, Education working group, Research working group, Working group for developing medicines information targeted to health care professionals and Working group for developing medicines information targeted to patients and medicine users. Fimea coordinates the work of this network.

  • Some 60 different organizations (from pharmacy, medicine and nursing sectors) are represented in these WGs, including:
  • Public administrations
  • Professional organizations and scientific societies
  • Organizations representing  the pharmaceutical industry
  • University pharmacies
  • Universities, polytechnics, vocational institutions and continuing education units
  • Hospital pharmacies and dispensaries
  • Patient associations and organizations

The work of the Network is open and public. An open Internet portal (“Innokylä”) is used to distribute information, e.g. the minutes of the meetings and plans of action.
The work of the network has increased activity in developing medicines information in Finland. Different type of co-operation has begun to increase reliable medicines information targeted to health care professionals as well as patients. Especially, co-operation between patient organizations and health care professionals and also co-operation between different professions (physicians, pharmacists, nurses) has advanced on organizational level.

Examples of the development projects

  • Current care guidelines for self-medicationA multi-disciplinary forum for teachers of pharmacotherapy
  • A summary of reliable medicines information can be found from the Internet in Finnish
  • A summary of medicines information services available for health professionals
  • Co-operation between clinical pharmacologist and clinical pharmacists is promoted by different projects
  • School medicine education has been promoted by a project where pharmacy students went to schools around Finland to give medicine education lessons.

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