who we are

Mediconsult Ltd is one of Finland’s leading suppliers of information systems for the social and health care sectors. We are a pioneering developer of comprehensive, open patient information systems with extensive experience. Our development work builds on our strong expertise in patient information systems and understanding of the needs of professionals in social and health care. We intend to continue to be a strong operator and developer of social and health care, and to genuinely connect the professionals and their customers.

what we do

We provide information systems and services for social and health care organizations and their customers. Our systems have applications in the management of operations, the daily processing of customer information, as well as administrative tasks. By offering tools that enable professionals to be in contact with people whenever needed, our services aim to encourage people to manage their own health and wellbeing.

what we are looking for

We are always seeking opportunities to present our solutions for social and health care. We are also looking for new talent to join our teams. In addition, we are seeking to co-operate with other companies and integrate their solutions in order to bring additional value to our core system.

team profiles

Medical Director Ville Salaspuro, MD, PhD

We have a lot of enthusiastic professionals working in our R&D team. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the greatest value from our products. In the health care sector, we have three main customers with differing needs: health care organizations, health care professionals, and of course patients. They all have their own perspectives and focuses. Our mission in Mediconsult is to develop the future tools for social and health care. This means top user experience and more satisfied users of our products.  Eventually this results in better health and wellbeing of all citizens. The main driver for me is positive feedback from users – especially when they experience a “wow” effect.

Product Manager Tomi Tammilehto

I am a nerd at heart, with a splash of program management experience. I have a long history in mobile communications, but have always been interested in medical technology.  I had the fortune to start working in Mediconsult in early 2015. I see Mediconsult as a company with the heart of a start-up. Everyone can influence not only what we create, but also how we do it. With a multinational team, we have a great mix of personalities and an open and relaxed atmosphere. Every day is filled with challenges that are a joy to face when everyone has the same goal. It is very gratifying to work with applications that truly help medical professionals and when the end result is an improvement in the wellbeing and health of people.

Contact information

Ville Salaspuro

Medical Director


Tel: +358 50 595 4431


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